Not the end of paper & pens

It would be wrong to suggest this is the end of pens, pencils and exercise books. We are hoping to blend a variety of approaches, using the right tools at the right times. The tablet computer is an addition to existing learning techniques, not a replacement.

That said, publishers of text books are increasingly producing e-book versions that include embedded animations, videos and instant-feedback student activities. Tablet computers are the perfect device to access these.

As teachers, we also have to remember that writing does not appeal to all students. Barriers to learning can be broken down if students are allowed to capture and present their knowledge using tablet devices.

Article: What place does the pen have?

Students will still be expected to read, write and communicate without technology! It is very much about getting the best of both worlds.

Preparing for written exams

We recognise that students need to be adequately prepared for written exams. That means writing with a pen and paper! We will still do plenty of that too.

Increasingly exam boards are looking for controlled assessment tasks and coursework to be completed on a computer. Some specifications actively encourage it, not least because they will be assessed on their online research. We will prepare students for both assessment methods.

  • Students will still write regularly
  • Students will still use exercise books
  • Student still do activities without technology

Exams of the future may well be online!  Have a look at Surpass Paper +:

Surpass Paper+ replaces written exams