Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

We know that many students will already own a device, and with your permission be able to bring this into school. This is a very common model for schools and is known as “bring your own device” or BYOD.

We recognise many students will not currently own a device, and some parents would welcome an option to purchase one from the school to own. We therefore offer a 1:1 iPad donation scheme with the Birmingham e-learning foundation (Belf): a charity to support schools with 1:1 schemes.

Birmingham e-Learning Foundation (Belf)

The school does not receive any financial reward from this scheme, it is strictly not-for-profit and is presented as an option for parents for convenience. We actually donate to Belf as a school to ensure the programme is sustainable and inclusive.

Unfortunately we don’t have the capital to purchase a device for every student. Using the costs from our 1:1 scheme, this would amount to £408×1700 = £693,600. We also know that students respect their own property far more, and the device is far more likely to be looked after if they own it.