Silver medal for Kayden

Kayden, one of our year 8 students, was recently awarded the silver medal at a European Jiu-jitsu championship over the weekend for his age/weight group.

The Brazilian Junior Jiu-jitsu European Gi & No-Gi Championship was recently held in Wolverhampton, inviting fighters from all across Europe to compete and claim their victories. Kayden, in the under 55kg weight group, finished in second place and rightfully earned his silver medal as a result. He met with Mr Burton earlier this week to be congratulated.

Kayden has been doing Brazilian jiu-jitsu since the age of 5, but initially started out with boxing from the age of two due to his dad being a keen boxer as well. “I loved it but I started to get bored after a while, so I decided to try something different.” – Kayden is currently a white belt but is keen to work through the ranks. He has also taken up judo and revealed to us that he won the bronze medal earlier this year at the Junior British Championships final in Sheffield.

He went through a typical week with Mr Burton which showed just how busy he is, consisting of judo on Mondays, jiu-jitsu on Tuesdays, both judo and jiu-jitsu on Wednesdays, strength and conditioning training followed by jiu-jitsu on Thursdays, football and boxing on Fridays and jiu-jitsu on Saturdays… Sundays are thankfully his day off! His future ambitions for jiu-jitsu are to compete in the Olympics and plans to set the target to compete with the GB team in the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Mr Burton thanked Kayden for meeting with him and commended him for these “truly remarkable” achievements.