Senior Maths Challenge Success

There have been some big achievements claimed by our sixth form mathematicians this month as we celebrate Barney, Year 13, and Sam, Year 12, achieving a Gold award and ‘Best in Year’ certificates in this year’s UKMT Senior Maths Challenge – with Barney also claiming the ‘Best in School’ title. They have qualified for the next round of the competition, of which Mrs Bowers (Assistant Head of Mathematics) said “Only one other student has achieved it in my time here at Bournside – this is a great accomplishment for them both.”

Barney, who achieved best in the school, best in his year and a gold award.

The challenge, run by the UK Mathematics Trust, attracts over 600,000 entries from over 4000 schools and colleges. The papers consist of lively and intriguing multiple choice questions which are designed to stimulate an interest in maths for large numbers of pupils.

The successes didn’t stop with Barney and Sam as we also offer a big congratulations to Ollie, James and Alice in Year 13 as well as Tom and Zoe in Year 12 for achieving a Silver award in the challenge – and a further congratulations to Will, Danrick, Rebekah and Lewis in Year 13 as well as Will, Dillon, Kuba, Polly, Ben, Tyler and Dragos in Year 12 for achieving a Bronze award.

From left: Alice, Ollie, Rebekah, Kuba, Zoe, Will, Sam (back – who also achieved best in year) and Tom

Here are two sample questions from this year’s challenge:


One of the following numbers is prime. Which is it?

A: 2017 – 2 | B: 2017-1 | C: 2017 | D: 2017 +1 | E: 2017 + 2


The teenagers Sam and Jo notice the following facts about their ages: 

– The difference between the squares of their ages is four times the sum of their ages.
– The sum of their ages is eight times the difference between their ages.

What is the age of the older of the two?

A: 15 | B: 16 | C: 17 | D: 18 | E: 19