Outstanding Castle Models Made by Year 7 Pupils

Three pupils from Year 7 have been chosen from 270 in the year for their outstanding project work relating to square, fortified castles. Headteacher Gareth Burton selected three castle models made by pupils Eloise, Isabella and Tyler from 30 which had been shortlisted by Head of History, Mr Lockyer.

Mr Burton praised the pupils for their hard work, not only in making the models, but also their supporting work which highlighted why the castle they had chosen was particularly effective against attack.

Eloise, who based her model on Bodiam Castle in East Sussex, said that she mixed paint with sand and used hot glue to create the perfect texture on the castle walls. “I went to Bodiam Castle when I was younger. It’s different to many castles as it has an inner courtyard as opposed to a keep,” she explains.
Tyler based his castle on the White Tower which forms part of the Tower of London. He made the square keep from cardboard and newspaper and used sticky paper to make windows and explanatory labels. “The Great Tower was a very important castle,” he says. “I love visiting London, which is why I chose this castle.”
Isabella chose Rochester Castle in Kent for her model, which took around three weeks to make. “I used wood to make the model and my dad helped me make the battlements and turrets,” says Isabella, who also hand-painted all of the little figures. “It was a very defensive castle because there is a keep where they could attack enemies from up high.”

The models will be on display in the school until the end of the term.