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A-levels: Textiles, Sociology, Health and Social Care
I joined Bournside’s sixth form at the start of year 12 in order for me to be able to study three A levels. The sixth form has allowed me to meet and make new friends and it has also enabled me to grow as an individual. The sixth form has taught me how to be independent not just as a person but with my studies; I have taken on more responsibilities and I work more independently now. I am currently hoping to go to university to study fashion design in order for me to pursue a career in the fashion industry.


A-levels: History, French, Economics
The highlight of my sixth form experience is definitely the trip to Paris, organised by the art department. It was inspiring for both my Fine Art and French studies. I have really enjoyed studying Economics at Bournside. At first I was slightly worried as I had never studied it before, but it was so interesting and quickly became one of my favourite subjects. I hope to study History and French and I would love to take my studies abroad. I’d like to use my language skills and perhaps learn another foreign language.


A-levels: Biology, English Literature, Psychology
Bournside has led me to discover an interest in biology that I never knew I had! I have always had an interest in animals and the way they behave. This love for animals, intertwined with the complexity and diversity of biology, is now at the forefront of my ambitions and I hope to study Zoology at either York or Bristol. The school has supported my sporting interests; I came 3rd in the British championships for Tae Kwon Do as well as playing football, rugby and all the sports that interest me.


A-levels: Business, Media Studies, Geography
Coming from a different school, I was anxious about how my experience at Bournside would be. It’s been a great year and went so fast due to the friendly atmosphere from students and teachers. It’s a welcoming environment and after a few weeks you’ll feel like you’ve been a part of the school for years. Bournside is very competent at helping you choose what’s right for you, with support from dedicated career advisors. You’ll find various enrichment activities; you can pick what you want and meet great people doing so.


A-levels: Chemistry, Geography, Physical Education
I love the freedom we are given to study independently. My favourite subject is PE as I find the physiological theory very interesting. I was delighted to receive the senior netball team player award. I play every Wednesday afternoon as it’s a great way to socialise and relieve work stress. I would like to further my studies on a Sports Exercise and Nutrition course at university. The sports department has really inspired me to pursue this as a career. They have also helped me gain confidence in team leading and coaching.


A-levels: Biology, Chemistry, Physical Education
Bournside Sixth Form has a sense of community and friendship throughout. I have volunteered in the Mentoring, Reading Club and Anti-Bullying Ambassador schemes, and am completing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. I have been lucky enough to represent the school as part of the county team at the English Schools Cross Country Championships and am currently Vice-Captain of the Gloucestershire Girls Golf Team. I particularly enjoy PE and Biology; I hope to study Health and Exercise Science and aim to work with elite athletes in the rehabilitation area of their programmes.


A-levels: Sociology, History, Business
Bournside Sixth Form gives you help, support and expertise to progress further which can be from meeting your target grades to doing applications for universities. I have improved my personal statement by doing an EPQ, being a Mentor, helping at Reading Club and being a Head Prefect. I enjoy History and Sociology because they allow you to debate and make your own opinions on the content rather than just being taught the syllabus. At university I hope to study Criminology because I want to join the Police Force or the Marines.


A-levels: Law, Business, Economics
My aim is to go to a Russell Group university and study Law. Bournside staff have arranged talks, and trips to help make our lives less stressed. Mock interviews give us valuable skills that will help us in later life. I have been given the opportunity to be a prefect, a good asset to include on my university application and my CV. The teachers try to make lessons interactive yet beneficial to maximise how much we learn. I have enjoyed helping at parents’ evenings and showing year 6’s around the school.

Ding Yuan

A-levels: Art Textiles, Fine Art, Chinese
We have lots of fun events like dressing up to raise money for charity. Completing Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award has developed my life skills and confidence; also I have made some new friends! Peer Mentoring has helped me to improve my confidence. My favourite subject is Art Textiles. The lessons are not too pressurised as you can work in your own time. I plan to study Jewellery and Silversmithing because I am quite good at making three dimensional objects. I want to open my own shop and sell the things I have made.


A-levels: Mathematics, Physical Education, Physics
Sixth form at Bournside is a great experience and has opened endless gates for me. Not only will you gain essential life skills and qualifications but it will be enjoyable along the way. More free time allows you to get work done in school; less uniform restrictions and smaller classes allow for more personalised enjoyable lessons. I have particularly enjoyed PE and Physics because I find the content intriguing and I can relate some of the work to life outside of school. I hope to study either Mechanical Engineering or Sports Science.


A-levels: Psychology, Business, Media Studies
Being at Bournside is great as everyone gets along and is extremely friendly. I was in the senior rugby team and have assisted year 10s with basketball, refereeing and leading some of their training sessions. My favourite subject is Media Studies, due in part to the engagement of our excellent teacher. The subject is based around analysis of media texts that vary from movies and TV shows to magazines and music videos. I hope to study Journalism at university; my ambition is to be a journalist covering the sport of basketball in America.


A-levels: Fine Art, Business, Geography
I am thoroughly enjoying being in the sixth form as I feel that Bournside is helping me to reach my full potential and allowing me to access endless possible opportunities for my future. I hope to study Business Management. The universities I am considering can be quite difficult to get accepted in, however Bournside is allowing me to acquire the necessary skills and grades. There is a wide range of subjects on offer which makes Bournside very personal to you, and you feel comfortable studying there – essential for success.


A-levels: History, English Literature, Politics
I have been given incredible opportunities, performing in numerous shows and concerts. My favourite subject is History and I have received unparalleled support from the department to write an entry for the Cambridge University ‘Vellacott History Prize’; I was lucky enough to be one of 13 who were ‘highly commended’. I hope to study History at university, whilst still continuing my love for music by joining as many musical societies as possible. I was delighted to be appointed Head Girl and I cannot wait to fulfil my duties in and around school!


A-levels: Psychology, English Literature, History
Bournside is a brilliant place to be. I have really enjoyed studying my favourite subject, History, and loved the trip to Westminster Abbey and the National Archives. History and History of Art is what I’d like to study at university. My dream job would be a historical adviser for film/television or an archivist. Bournside Sixth Form has really helped me to develop essential skills. I attend a club which helps develop history essay-writing skills. The Sixth Form has been full of enjoyable experiences and is a great place to work and have fun.


A-levels: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
The staff support you the whole way through; they help relieve you of stress so you enjoy school and it is a great experience. I don’t have a favourite subject because they all have their own ways to be different. Lessons can be funny and at the same time engaging – you understand the subject, not learn it. I had the pleasure and opportunity to tutor a lower school pupil, it helped me develop patience and understanding of the subject I was tutoring. I hope to go to university and study Forensic Science.