Noah Meets the Queen

On Wednesday 18th April, a Bournside student was given the opportunity to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Noah’s parents run a charity called the Outdoor Trust which creates walkways in towns and cities of Commonwealth nations and territories. Noah spent some of his Easter holidays digging holes in the main lawn of Buckingham Palace in preparation for the placement of a panel which the Queen unveiled on Wednesday. The panel will later be moved to outside Malborough House in Westminster.

Noah travelled to London with his parents early in the morning. On arrival he was required to show his passport to police, and was then walked through the house with the Queen and out into the garden. He was one of only 20 guests at the special ceremony and his role was to show the Queen a special bronze marker that is being used to mark the walkways in Western Australia. Noah’s mother is Australian and he holds an Australian passport as well as a British one. He identifies strongly with both cultures.

Noah has already met the Queen on a previous occasion whilst at primary school, and described the experience as amazing.