National Cross Country Championship

One of our year 9 students, Cyprien, has recently qualified for the ESAA National Cross Country Championship for 2018.

Cyprien, born in France, took a keen interest in athletics when he was young. Whilst he enjoyed throwing, he quickly grew a passion for running and later took that a step further to indulge in cross country – something he’s taken part in for many years now and his track record certainly shows his talent. He has worked his way up from competing in Bournside’s cross country, to the county championships, then on to the district championships, and now finds himself preparing for the nationals! Speaking to Mr Burton, Cyp said “I don’t go to any clubs or specific events, I just practise either by myself or with my family and train twice a week. I have to practice a lot harder for the national; I’m really excited about it but very nervous as it can be very challenging, especially as you don’t already know the circuit and the track could be very muddy – it could catch you unprepared.”

Mr Burton praised Cyp for how humble he was when discussing his achievements and commended him for the incredible work he’s put in to qualify for the national championship. When asked what motivates him, he said “I just know that I want to keep getting better every time. I want to be faster in every sport, because the faster I am the more I can outrun the others no matter what sport it is.”

The ESAA National Cross Country Championship is the most eagerly anticipated event of the winter for young athletes. Organised entirely by volunteer teachers, they bring together the best athletes in each of the 46 Counties in England to compete for the honour of being the best in the Country.*

The championship for this year will be held at Temple Newsam Park, Leeds on Sunday, 17th March. We will be catching up with Cyprien after the event to see how he got on!

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