Outstanding Attitude to Learning Awards

The Headteacher has commended 20 students for their outstanding attitude to learning during the first two terms of this academic year. Four students from each of years 7 to 11 were selected for their consistently outstanding approach to their academic work and wider school life.

These awards, which represent the first of their kind are awarded three times per year and follow each of the school’s three formal reporting windows.

Each student was presented with a Bournside lapel badge to recognise this tremendous achievement. Headteacher, Gareth Burton said, “These students should feel extremely proud of their considerable achievements since September. Whilst there are a large number of students in each year group who have also been recognised for their excellent effort, these students represent the four in each year group who have stood out as being exceptional in terms of their attitude and the high level of determination, perseverance and contribution that they make towards school life. Many congratulations to each of them.”

I’m obviously happy about the award, on top of everything else this year – which has been quite a busy year. It’s nice to be recognised by the school for what we do and all the effort we’ve put in.

Madison – Year 11

I was overwhelmed that I had been one of the 4 people in my year group picked out among the number of others.

I’m just really pleased and happy to have been picked, especially alongside Daisy as we’re both good friends so it was nice to receive the award with her too.

Lily and Daisy – Year 8