An iPad school

At Bournside, students use iPads in their lessons, provided through our parental contribution scheme. The use of tablet computers does not replace traditional teaching methods, pens, pencils or books, but instead complements them with contemporary approaches when it is appropriate.

In our experience a technology-enhanced learning process is most effective when every student owns their own personal device.

Students use their iPad as a personal diary, to access homework, digital textbooks, learning resources and to take part in interactive quizzes. Students also bring learning to life by becoming not just content consumers, but content creators.

Students learn well because they work closely with teachers, one another and independently.
Ofsted, September 2016

For example, geography students are able to use their iPad to make an interactive book about volcanoes. Typically, students collaborate on ideas for their book using Popplet, gather photographs and research using Safari. They create a script for a news report in dvPrompter and combine this information in iMovie to create both a moving image gallery and a video report. Using satellite images from Google Earth and an animation created using Explain Everything to explain how volcanoes erupt, iPad enhances learning, and engages students.

A number of accessibility options personalise the learning experience even further. Students can continue their work anytime, anywhere and on any device using iCloud. Finally, work is submitted electronically using Showbie, where teachers can annotate it and leave recorded oral feedback. Students are instantly notified when their teacher has marked their work.

We take e-safety extremely seriously at Bournside. Through carefully planned schemes of learning, tutor time and assemblies, we aim to create self-aware, responsible digital citizens equipped for life in a modern world.

It is not compulsory for students to own an iPad, but we encourage and help support parents who would like to source a device for their child, through our partnership with the Birmingham e-Learning Foundation, a charity providing support for parents and carers that is both inclusive and sustainable.