Biology Challenge 2018

Lottie, one of our Year 10 students, recently took part in the National Biology Challenge and received the Gold Award – our only student to do so this year!

The competition, which is entirely online and hosted by the Royal Society of Biology, ran between 6th – 26th March 2018. Its purpose and design is to stimulate students’ curiosity for the natural world and encourages them to take an interest in biology outside of school.

Lottie was faced with a variety of questions and types, such as solving anagrams relative to different science topics and having to label diagrams to a GCSE standard or even further.

The science department enters a group of students to the challenge, especially those taking triple biology, mainly for Year 10 and some from Year 9. Lottie was our only student to receive the gold award for this year’s challenge which is an incredible achievement.

Speaking about her reason for such an interest in biology, Lottie said “My mum is a Nurse Practitioner and is currently training to be a midwife. When I was younger I also took part in the local Wildlife Quiz – I was best in Cheltenham for my first entry and then the second year I entered I was 2nd Best in Gloucestershire.”

An example practice question for this year’s challenge, a “Biology A-Z identifying activity”

Asked about her future aspirations by Mr Burton, Lottie is keen to go into the arts and study drama and media studies, and would like to see herself travelling and be involved in the film/tv industry in 10 years time. She will however be taking on a biology as her academic choice as she “wants to leave plenty of options open in the future.”