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Young Carers

A small group of our students took part in the Young Carers' "Twilight" conference recently and met with Mr Burton to talk about their experiences and the conference itself.

Bournside Linguists

From pen pals to a competition involving schools across the whole of Europe, some students studying Modern Languages met with Mr Burton to discuss more about their recent activities.

Brilliant Club Graduation

Following on from their meeting with Mr Burton earlier in the academic year, members of the year 8 Brilliant Club came together once again to be congratulated on their recent graduation.

Ledbury Refugee Support

Cheltenham Bournside School, supported by Mr Sparey, are organising a collection of the following items in support of the charity Ledbury Refugee Support which supports Syrian refugees. Donations of any of the following items can be taken to the PE Office for collection until 10th February 2017.

Mathematicians of the Month

Each month, the maths teachers all nominate one student from each key stage to be considered for the title of mathematician of the month. Three winners are then chosen to receive the award.