Subject teachers will purchase and deploy a range of subject specific apps for students. Generic apps include:

Free Apps

  • Safari: for research, translating, and access to homework on Frog
  • Camera & Photos: for still image and video capture to include in work, share with the teacher and the rest of the class
  • Word: for word processing work
  • Excel: for creating spreadsheets
  • Powerpoint: for creating presentations
  • Dynamic Reader: for accessing eTextbooks and eMagazines
  • Foldr: for accessing documents on the school network
  • Google Earth and Google Maps: for Geography
  • dvPrompter: for creating visual prompts for news reports etc.
  • Learning Tools: for show and tell mini-whiteboard class activities
  • Popplet Lite: for mind-mapping
  • QR Reader: for quick links to apps and resources
  • Showbie: for handing in work, receiving written and oral feedback
  • Socrative Student: for quick competitive quizzes in lessons

Paid Apps which are Free to Students

  • Book Creator: for students to make their own text books to explain their learning
  • Explain Everything: for creating animations, e.g. explaining a method in maths or science
  • iMovie: for creating videos, e.g. enacting plays in English, news reports in Geography etc.
  • Notes HD: for advanced note taking and word processing

How to Get the Paid Apps

You will receive the paid apps for free if you have a device on the school scheme. If you are bringing in your own device you will need to contact or visit IT Services.