We believe that staff and students alike should have the very highest expectations for their time at Bournside Sixth Form Centre.

What students can expect of us:

  • High quality teaching, learning and assessment
  • High quality resources that support independent study outside of the classroom
  • Approachability of experienced centre staff to offer you guidance, support and challenge you throughout your time at our centre
  • Support with preparing you for life beyond school
  • A reference to support you with achieving your destination when your study finishes
  • Regular feedback on your progress towards your target grades
  • A wide selection of extra-curricular activities, enrichment and travel opportunities to broaden your horizons
  • Mutual respect.

What we expect of our students:

  • Give your very best effort in every aspect of centre life
  • Use your initiative and ingenuity to develop yourself as an independent
  • Attend school punctually and maintain a high record of attendance of 97%
  • Contribute to the wider life of the school by involving yourself in extra-curricular opportunities
  • Mutual respect for you fellow students, staff and school facilities
  • Adherence to our Sixth Form Dress Code ”“ be smart and professional in your approach (see dress code below)
  • Act as role models to the younger students in the school at all times

Sixth form dress code.pdf

Ladder of consequences.pdf