How creativity, independent learning and personalisation are central to our teaching and learning.

We are committed to pedagogical approaches that support our learners in equipping them for a 21st century society where ‘knowing what’ is less important than ‘knowing how to’.

Bournside Skills for Life are lifelong learning skills that are embedded within all aspects of the curriculum for our learners. In Year 7, students have discrete ‘Learning to Learn’ lessons which explore and develop the core learning capacities required for developing their ability to be successful independent learners.

Pupils enjoy coming to school.

Ofsted 2016


Our Learning Centre is a highly equipped, open-plan, technology-rich facility that acts as the catalyst for continuing changes and developments in learning and teaching. 

The Learning Centre enables a variety of study environments to work seamlessly alongside each other. It aims to suit the needs of all learners, giving them opportunities for group or private study. The Centre works as a formal and informal meeting space, a preparation and a relaxation area. It encourages conversation and social interaction that embraces mobile technology. 


Many opportunities are provided for our students to work on collaborative projects using knowledge and skills from all curriculum areas. These enable students to make connections across subject areas and learn a range of additional skills.