Specialist Learning Centre

Our newly refurbished Learning Centre now combines our Reading Centre resources alongside brand new facilities for all of our students to study, read and learn. 

We’ve provided a light and welcoming environment furnished with new tables and comfortable chairs to benefit students using the new facilities. All of our Reading Centre books are available including fiction, non-fiction, DVDs and subject revision resources. Fixed computers, iPads and netbooks are also available for students to use whilst studying, they are all connected to the wireless network and printer, so students can work anywhere in the Learning Centre.

This is a place where any of our students can meet to study individually or as a group, pick up a new book to read, or meet up with their friends to work on a project. The Learning Centre is especially appealing to sixth form students who can use the facilities during their private study periods. It’s the perfect place to pop in with a hot drink and study in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Supervised opening hours are:

8.15am to 4.15pm Monday to Thursday

8.15am to 4pm Friday