Careers & Work Related Learning

Careers Information Advice and Guidance enables our students to progress through learning and into work.

All students have to make choices through their time in the school and we have therefore developed a varied careers and work related programme that will allow our students to understand and develop the qualities, attitudes and skills needed through life and work.

Careers is delivered thought the PSCHEE programme to all years within the school.

Year Topic area Learning
7 What is careers ”“ what do I want from Careers education
Planning a visit
Looking at their ideas as well as what Careers is about.
Students plan for a visitor to come and talk in tutor time about their job
8 Job Families and Careers Research What do we mean by Job Families
Making decisions ”“ using careers information
9 Real Game ”“ dream cloud
Option choices ”“ through Kudos and e-clips
Option decision making
Planning for the future
Computer based programme for pupils to learn more about themselves and the opportunities available to them.
Look at how to make decisions about option choices
10 Rights and Responsibilities in the Workplace
Financial Capability
Talk by an external employer ”“ looking at what is expected at work.
Pay day loans, pay and work, budgeting, savings and investment.
11 Options post year 11
Financial Capability
Career development and career choice
Pay slips, taxation and implications
12 Social Education Students have Social Education Sessions within the school. As part of this tutors will work through choices, building a CV, applications.
Financial Capability ”“ Credit and Debt management



As part of the Social Education Programme students either follow a
programme which is related to UCAS and university as a next stage ”“ applications are completed with Higher Education Tutors, who will also look at Finance.
Students who are not progressing through higher education but into employment and further training follow a planned programme which looks at CV’s writing, Applications, Interviews. Employers work with students to develop their skills,

Additional Careers Related Work

Careers in year 12

All our year 12 students have a Mock Interview in the summer of year 12 ”“ we work with local employers, universities and colleges. The aim is to have a more challenging interview than year 11 and develop their skills.

Non Higher Education day ”“ employers work with the students to look at employment, CV writing, Psychometric Testing and first impressions in the work place.

Careers in Year 10/11

Year 10 students will undertake a session on Personality Profiling all information from this is used in their careers interviews in year 11.

All year 10 students attend the Grow Gloucestershire Skills Festival run by GCC.

All Year 11 students have individual and impartial, one to one careers advice and guidance interviews with a professional careers adviser, who discusses the range of post 16 options followed up with a written action plan which is given to students and parents. If a student requires additional follow up sessions this is available to as and when they require either via another one to one session, group work or drop in session at break or lunchtime.

All year 11 tutor groups have a timetabled registration once a fortnight which is careers related ”“ this gives an opportunity for tutors to discuss options with students, look at websites and careers packages, help with applications, interviews and choices – students can seek help and advice during this session from the Careers team in W8. All year 11 students will have a Mock Interview with an employer or representative from our local colleges. In English and ICT lessons they will learn about filling in application forms and writing a CV.

Careers in Year 8/9

Year 8/9 students are invited to a series of talks looking at different careers and option choices e.g. Careers in ICT and Computing, Careers in the Law, delivered by our Independent Careers Adviser

All year 9 students are introduced to the careers library in January ”“ this enables them to understand the range of material available, but also the staff that can help with their choices. During the option process all students have access to Careers Advice and Guidance and can book an interview. Tutors and Year Heads work with students to ensure they make the right choices.

Careers in Year 7

As part of the Learn to Learn sessions, students will look at skills for life and this is often put into context of what employers want and future choices.

Whole School Careers Activities

The school also run an annual careers fair ”“ working with employers, local colleges, training providers and universities. We run Mini Careers Fairs during the year ”“ targeted at particular options and choices. Local Employers, Colleges, Training Providers and Ex Students support our students through drop in sessions at lunchtime and talks with interested students.

There is a well-stocked careers library in W8 and we endeavour to ensure that all opportunities and information we receive are publicised to students within this area and on Frog. We have a dedicated Careers and Work Related Section within Frog that supports student’s wider research into careers, work experience and employability.

Work Related Learning

Work Related Learning also plays a crucial role in the school and provides a set of experiences and opportunities both within the classroom and outside. We aim through these areas to develop student’s employability skills.

Activities include:-

  • Year 7 Enterprise Activity as part of Induction to the school.
  • Year 8 ”“ Bournside Alternative Motor Show ”“ a challenge to students to build a prototype solar powered car.
  • Year 9 ”“ Challenge Day ”“ an enterprise activity ”“ 2014 was looking at developing a new Social magazine
  • Year 10 ”“ Personality Profiling ”“ using principles developed by Myers-Briggs, students find the personality type that best describes them. Knowing your type can help you understand what career is best for you, and how you can use your
  • Year 11 ”“ World of Work ”“ looking at Stress and how to cope with it, Body Language and how you come over in an interview, Interview skills.
  • Year 12 ”“ Challenge Day ”“ a real life business challenge for students e.g. how can you get customers to remember their reusable carrier bags?
  • Year 12 ”“ First Aid for Work Certification

Work Experience

Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students are offered work experience during their time at Bournside. Rather than undertake block work experience where all students go out at once, we give students the opportunity to decide when it is best for them to complete this valued experience ”“ so if they need to make decisions on A Levels, Apprenticeships or College Courses, students will be encouraged to look at year 10.

If they wish to gain some extra experience then Year 11 may be best. When looking at University Courses then Year 12 and 13 are the most appropriate times.