We value keeping in touch with former students through our alumni.

We live in a world where keeping in touch has never been easier, we have been developing links with former students through our alumni.  It is always a pleasure to hear from and speak with, past students about their experiences after leaving Bournside and hopes for the future.

We take every opportunity to celebrate the school’s success, which is rich and varied.  Levels of student achievement are very high and in 2015 almost half the A-Level grades achieved were either an A*, A or B and the school has a track record of supporting students in their successful applications for Russell Group universities, including Oxbridge. 

However, as I’m sure past students would testify, being a student at Bournside is about so much more than simply academic achievement.  Bournside is a very special place where we are proud to know and understand every individual and through this inclusive environment, students thrive in a wide range of additional extra-curricular opportunities, both on-site and beyond.

The Bournside Alumni is an opportunity for past students to give something back to the school. We’d love to know what you are doing now, and how Bournside equipped you for the challenges of later life. 

Working in the education profession and in particular in a school, one of the most rewarding aspects is to hear about past students who have left the school and experienced success in their chosen pathway. 

Please do get in touch to let us know your story and how we can contact you. To do this, please email:

We look forward to hearing from you.