Understanding each individual

At Bournside we recognise the uniqueness of every student. All are set highly individual and challenging targets using the detail of what we already know about them. This helps us match teaching to every student and support every individual in meeting high expectations.

We want all our students to feel safe and happy. Every child has tutor, a daily contact who is the also the parent’s or carer’s first point of contact. Tutors are in the best position to have a clear overview of the wellbeing and learning of all in their group. They support and challenge students about attendance, academic progress, behaviour, uniform and being well organised for learning. Every student knows their tutor is there to listen, support and encourage.


Each tutor group belongs to a school House, which is the focus for activities and competitions beyond their lessons. Students are proud of their House identity and keen to represent their House in sporting, musical and other activities. Tutor groups elect representatives every year to join the Year Council, which meets regularly to give students a real voice in the direction and development of the school. Students have recently influenced the structure of social time, the development of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and well received changes to the sixth form dress code.

We believe strongly in the benefits of working in close partnership with parents. We stay in touch by recognising and celebrating individual achievement by letter and good news postcards. All parents can access the school’s virtual learning platform (FROG) and other linked social media. Parents are pleased to receive a weekly electronic bulletin and are warmly welcomed to regular meetings with teaching staff and occasions when students wish to showcase their talents. We offer a range of information evenings for parents to help us plan and support students over important decisions such as course and career choices.


Bournside is an inclusive school. We do our best to value, respect and treat students equally, whatever their ability and additional needs. We recognise that students with specific special educational needs or disabilities may require additional support and intervention. Our ‘Local Offer’ summarises our approach and we encourage parents to engage with us so that we can work together in the interests of their children. Bournside also focuses additional funding for disadvantaged students to make a real difference where this may be needed.